A Catalyst for Change

With our experience and track record gained across both blue chip and smaller entrepreneurial business, there are a range of areas where we can get involved to help you improve the operational effective of the business by accelerating revenues or improving the profitability of the business.

The manner in which we get involved is flexible and designed to meet your requirements. Typically we start with a project, this then typically evolves into a part-time advisory or Interim role.

Here are 10 ways in which we can help you drive improved operational value (revenue and or profit) :

  1. Sharpen your value proposition
  2. Go-to-market strategy
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. The ‘Virtual Director’
  5. Build a more robust ‘prospecting’ funnel
  6. Project / Customer Profitability
  7. Develop new channels to market
  8. Create new revenue streams
  9. Build, mentor and coach teams / key individuals
  10. Build a brand without spending a fortune on advertising

The table below details each of the 10 points above and the potential challenges behind each of these items and how we can help:

Points of Pain

How we can help

1. Your value proposition – whether it lacks clarity, differentiation or is simply in need of an independent review and refresh Independent assessment and re-articulation of the market positioning and value proposition
2. You are looking to build a step change in the level of professional maturity of your commercial capability to accelerate your next phase of growth. Board Advisor / Interim / Full Time Chief Commercial Officer.
3. Need to raise money, don’t have time to pull together a comprehensive and compelling strategic / business plan Create a business or strategic plan from strategy to operational plans.
4. A lack of return from your Marketing dollar. You may be looking to move Marketing from being solely a ‘sales support’ function into an analytically driven team helping you build the strategic focus to drive both long term strategic value and short term operational value Interim / Virtual Commercial/Marketing Director
5. Sales and Marketing are not working together, your pipeline activity is disjointed with lack of KPI’s and measurement Working across sales and marketing build an integrated prospecting funnel with metrics to understand the effectiveness of your go to market strategy.
6. Need to quantify the profitability of your Customers and or Projects. A Project to quantify the profitability of your customers/projects with a view to better understanding your profitability model.
7. Looking for broader distribution or the formulation of strategic partnerships Build and deliver a plan to find and engage the appropriate business partners.
8. Overly reliant on one Product/Service. Looking to diversify into different revenue streams. Review of your assets to build out your product/service offering.Building a business case for the launch of new offerings.
9.Inexperienced teams/individuals that you are keen to grow and develop so that they can support the growth aspirations in the business Coaching, Mentoring individuals/teams to improve performance
10. Need to build your brand awareness – but don’t have huge budgets? Build a programme of activity to raise awareness of the brand using a wide range of pragmatic tools and consistency of approach to all your internal and external engagements with prospects and customers.

In every case we build a plan and programme that is bespoke to our Client’s situation.